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About Tent America

"We cannot afford to quench the Holy Spirit in this hour. The work He is doing is deep and profound. As the Word says to "wait upon the Lord and He will renew your strength" (Is. 40:31) it is true; God delights in strengthening His children. Wait for Him." #JesusChangesEverything



"In 2018, our nation was blanketed with tents of worship, prayer and gospel proclamation in all 50 state capital cities and on 101 university campuses. Can you imagine if this offering of worship was multiplied into a thousand tents and tens of thousands of worshipers simultaneously lifting up the name of Jesus across our nation? We believe this is God’s heart and it is part of His rescue mission to a generation.

"We believe that the Lord is calling for anyone anywhere to host tent gatherings in their cities and campuses nationwide. God is breathing on this moment in a special way and we are witnessing the first rumblings of a great awakening in our nation. We are talking about 50-hour tent gatherings of worship, prayer, and gospel proclamation, happening simultaneously across all of America on October 17th-19th, 2019. Truly, this is an hour for the worth of Jesus to go viral."

- David Bradshaw, Awaken the Dawn

In 2020, one hundred days of worship,

beginning in Hawaii on June 20th, processing across the nation, and ending in September. The plan was to finish with a huge tent in Kansas City, Missouri on October 10th, partnering with YWAM .

Here we are in 2021, with a plan of 100 days of worship, anyone, anywhere, beginning June 12th.

Awaken the Dawn is kicking off the season with a 3000 person tent, traveling across the nation. The first stop is Tampa, Florida on May 6th, 7th & 8th.


Awaken The Dawn is a grassroots movement of day and night worship, prayer and missions. Beyond the events, we are a nationwide family with the shared value of hosting the presence of God, leading to a third great awakening in America and the nations.
Our Mission

Our Mission


Our Vision

We are on a journey to see America awakened, re-oriented, and transformed around the presence of God. Our vision is to see a third great awakening as we disciple America to host the presence of God.

We are laying tracks for a sustainable movement of worship, prayer, and gospel proclamation in public and on campuses that will result in Jesus’ worth being displayed.

This is a rescue mission to a generation and a nation.The sustainable tracks for awakening include relational networks, regional gatherings and training, grassroots tent worship and prayer movements, and a return to the Mall in DC in 2020. When we return to the Mall, it will be as a national family reunion both to contend for greater things and to celebrate all that God has done in the previous few years! Now is the time for profound HOPE for America.

We Need Your Support Today!

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